Best Places in France for A Windsurfing Adventure

Best Places in France for A Windsurfing Adventure

Europe has it all. The food, the culture, the history, the best in entertainment and adventure has something to offer anyone who visits. Adrenalin junkies can be sure to enjoy some of the most enthralling activities in Europe than anywhere else. Out of all the countries in Europe, France is probably the one with the most amount of fantasy attached to it. Water-based sports are a welcome pleasure in the country, and there are critical spots littered throughout the beautiful waters to support the adventure seekers. For those who love windsurfing, here are some of the best places in France to indulge in your favorite water-based, adrenalin pumping activity. Take note that you would need to check the wind conditions of the locations before you head there to be disappointed. The best winds for windsurfing are the Tramontane or the Marin winds.

The Atlantic Coast

In the North-West side of France, the waters are the best for activities in the winter time. Windsurfing is perfect here as well as the low pressure that builds in the coast brings in fierce winds for the perfect sail day. Choose to head to Wissant and Crozon for the best winds during the winter months. La Torche in the South of France is probably the best for windsurfing expeditions as well. Not to forget the Biarritz that lies closer to Spain’s border in France. Biarritz is excellent for any time of the year.

The Mediterranean Coast

The Mediterranean Coast - Bonifacio
The Mediterranean Coast – Bonifacio

From May up to October, Corsica is a choice that will not disappoint. The place is found near Bonifacio – A small town in the southern part of France. Corsica is a beautiful place to visit for families and for those who wish to learn windsurfing for the first time. IF you are heading to France in the summer, then you should consider heading to Gruissan or Leucate. Both these places are fantastic holiday spots and offer windsurfing adventures as well.

There are sheltered lagoons that have water only up to your waist that makes it perfect for learners who want to be taught how to windsurf in safer waters. Both the places are by far the best places on any itinerary for windsurfers to both experience a fantastic holiday as well as get their windsurfing in. Gruissan is also the location for the premier windsurfing race called Defi Wind Race. More than a thousand windsurfers from around the world flock to the site every year. While windsurfing is the top priority for this place, you can also expect to experience the Mondial Du Vent Festival in Leucate where professionals perform, and over a hundred thousand spectators watch them in action.

For those who are accomplished windsurfers, the best places to head to on the Mediterranean coast is on the west of St. Tropez peninsula. Few places in Nice have some great winds too. Argeles Sur Mer which is found on the border of space receives perfect winds for advanced surfers to get their adventure’s worth.