Staying at The Top When It Comes to Offshore Sailing – French Sailing

Offshore sailing is way different than sailing in general. When floating offshore, sailors are tested for their skill and endurance because they don’t get to see or experience dry land for several days at a time. This arduous task of sailing offshore on competitions is a mission for the experienced sailor and for amateurs not to attempt. Several counties participate in offshore sailing races and hope to get the winning gold prize. However, the French have firmly stayed at the top position in offshore races for a long time. When…

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Sea Sporting and Diving Activities to Master – France Diving and Sea Sporting

While the swimming pool and rivers offer several activities for people of all ages to enjoy, there is plentiful to learn when it comes to the ocean. Swimming and enjoying the sea from the adventure perspective is way different than swimming in a pool or a lake. A trip to France will never be complete if you do not enjoy the oceans and the seaside like the French do. Several programs are designed to suit different budgets and activity levels for individuals who wish to learn a few sea-based sports….

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Summer Sailing Camps in France for Kids – Sailing Programs

When the kids are off for summer break, it’s time for parents to start panicking about getting them involved with some activity or the other. Every year, several events are held throughout the world for children who are on their summer break, but most of them are very cliched. While it’s easy to engage the younger kids, there is always a lack of stimulating activity that parents can provide the tweens and teens. Keeping them excited enough to come back for more is also a tough ask. For parents who…

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