Learn to Windsurf At The Famous World Cup Beach – L’Almanarre Water Sport Schools

Learn to Windsurf At The Famous World Cup Beach – L’Almanarre Water Sport Schools

On the outskirts of Hyeres, the former World Cup Beach of L’Almanarre boasts its gorgeous waters and favorite water sports. There are several beaches in the Giens peninsula that [provide water sporting options. However, the emotion attached to the L’Almanarre is a league of its own. The winds that blow into the beachfront from Mistral and Libeccio are completely fat and easterly. The winds and the strategic positioning make the beach a perfect place for windsurfing and water sports. The entire beach is 4Kms long and has gentle slopes that go out into the sea. The slopes are the ideal place for beginners to learn how to windsurf safely and accurately.

Many windsurfers find that the west wind predictions in Palm Beach are not favorable and attractive as much as L’Almanarre. Enthusiasts find that heading here means having to windsurf with several people who already claim spots in the sea. There are cafes and entertainment that boast the seashore making it a perfect place for several people to come to — for those who are new to any water sports, learning how to kitesurf and windsurf at L’Almanarre is a once in a lifetime opportunity. While several schools offer short courses for beginners in the area, here are the top windsurfing schools you can choose from.

  1. Spinout
  2. MF Kite
  3. Aloha Surf
  4. Nexpa Surf Shop and Windsurfing Courses
  5. Funboard Centre
  6. Ecole de Surf de Mediterranee

Some courses are catered to both beginners and advanced windsurfers. Perfect sailing experiences are a promise that both the centers and the location offer. Beginners who get on the water are safe as most of the schools have rescue boats and safety gear to give beginners a sense of safety when they are out in open water. The plus side is that the non-existent shore break even if there is a coastal wind present.

Lessons for Windsurf Enthusiasts

The tutors who equip the students with knowledge and skill required to glide through the waters use the latest methods to teach the students. The best of windsurfing conditions only add to the teaching experience. Most of the tutors who are engaged can speak both in English and in French, making it easy for even travelers to learn while on holiday. Courses usually begin at 10:00 AM, and by noon, you can be sure that you have enough skill to get onto the water. There are both 3-day and 5-day courses available for those interested. If you are new to windsurfing, it is best to sign up for a 3-day course at first and see how you take to the entire experience, and then choose to extend to a 5-day course for a discounted price. Other courses in kayaking, kitesurfing, paddle boarding and canoeing are also available for students who are interested. All the gear is available on rent at the location, and there is no need to worry about carrying anything with you or purchasing equipment to join a course.