Sailing at The Route Halifax Saint-Pierre – Renowned Sailing Races in France

Sailing at The Route Halifax Saint-Pierre – Renowned Sailing Races in France

In the year 2002, France launched its Route Halifax Saint-Pierre race to add to the number of world-renowned races around France. As history would have it, the transatlantic races from all around France has encouraged many sailors for several decades to compete with each other to show off their sailing skills. As the popularity of the event began reaching heights, the organizers started expanding the race course to make it more challenging for the sailors to compete.

Many of the well-known sailors came forward to take part in the races and have only gained popularity as time has told. The greatest sailors who had had a friendly competition for years competed regularly at the American regattas. Philippe Paturel sailed from France and Hal Davies hailed from Canada. As the two men met up years later, they joked about cruising again and started from Saint-Pierre in France to Halifax in Canada. What began as a joke and a friendly race gained popularity and the route Halifax Saint-Pierre was born.

The First Race in 2002

In the year 2002, when the first official race was conducted. Since the first ever year, sailing enthusiasts come to the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron in Halifax to compete in this race during the summer months. The best part is that, not only do races from Canada and France take part in the sport today but people from all around the world flock to the destination to grab a piece of the pie. The beautiful Nova Scotia and the thrilling adventures that lie with the French Archipelago is what the sailors look forward to with this race.

Seeing New Heights in 2018

Over the years the route gained popularity, but Hal did not survive to see the spectacular life of his creation after 2011. As part of the 2018 event, the course was extended to make it a huge spectacle for the public to watch and admire. The boats were moored at the marinas in the middle for the public to enjoy, and a festival was conducted to make the whole event a bigger deal than it has ever been. At the finish line of the route, a huge celebration was organized to encourage the locals to take part and promote sailing. The course is only set to happen once in two years, which means the next one to look forward to is only in 2020. However, there is a teaser for those who are looking forward to the 2020 route.

The organizers have relived that the next route will include Quebec as well as go into Europe. This is one of the only sailing routes that has been extending and changing throughout its growth. Not only has it been improving, but the popularity and the local involvement in the races also are astounding and something that every region looks forward to. As a sailing adventure, the route is extending and joining countries and nations together to give sailors the true passion that they sought after when they first started sailing.