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Sailing Races – Experiencing Sailing at The Route du Rhum Race with Sam Davies

France’s most prestigious race – The Route du Rhum is one of the most coveted races for any sailing enthusiast around the world. Fundraiser Samantha Davies is a Britain born professional sailing skipper who now lives in Tregunc. Her experience sailing at the Route du Rhum race amongst a host of 124 boats, was an experience of a lifetime. Corresponding with the sailing race’s 40th anniversary, Samantha’s sailing experience was to support the charity closest to her heart. The charitable organization that she represented was the Initiatives-Coeur.

The Initiatives-Coeur is a charity that supports children with severe defects of the heart who are in need of surgery. The organization allows for children to be operated in France as opposed to the countries they originate from that does not support such causes or families that have some difficulties. Samantha Davies has been an active participant of the organization and has been raising awareness about the same on her social media websites. A worthy cause backed by a worthy skipper.

The race is one of the highest levels of competitive sailing amongst all sailing races in France. It was started in 1978 and happens only once every four years like the Olympics. The race is also a solo race which means that every skipper on board has to accomplish the race by themselves without additional sailors with them. The 40 years of racing with the Route du Rhum race today has boats over 39 feet long. The race has six classes which depend on the size and the style of the boats.

The Racing History of Samantha Davies

Davies was born in Plymouth from a family that has always loved the ocean and have a history of sailing in competitions. She is only of the only six female sailors who took part in this year’s race. Together with her Initiatives-Coeur boat, Samantha was able to do well with her race. She has been a dynamic contributor in the races since she was only 26 years old and back in 2001. Before that, she was able to compete at the global level at the age of 24. In 2008 she won the Vendee Globe race and came in at fourth place. She was able to establish herself at the top right behind the prestigious French sailor Marc Guillemot.

Over the years, Samantha had taken part in over 25 transatlantic races and come in at the sixth place at the Volvo Race back in 2014. She was a skipper on the race with a female-led crew. Apart from sailing, her active participation in humanitarian acts is a cherished passion of hers. For a sailor who races in the competitive arena, few do it with a cause and passion. Samantha is one of the few who lives and adores everything that sailing is about and uses it to garner support for humanitarian purposes. Samantha Davies set out on missions regularly to support causes and was recently part of a mission to Burundi to help with treating over 120 children for heart ailments.