The Adrenalin Rush That Comes with Wakeboarding in Lake Annecy

The thrill that comes with surface water sports is an adrenalin rush that many first-timers go back for. Wakeboarding is one of those surface water sports that is accompanied by towing. The individual is pulled behind a small boat over the surface of the water and is encouraged to make it challenging by doing tricks. Apart from the several environmental impacts that come with wakeboarding, participants love the thrill that they get from pushing themselves further with their water adventures. The sport is often related to water skiing and cable skiing. Some of the tricks that are performed by wakeboarders are:

  1. Jumping over the boat
  2. One or two Rotations
  3. Whirly Bird
  4. Tantrum or bind
  5. Back and Front Flips

The boards that are used in the sport are made of fiberglass and have fins and bindings attached to the board with metal screws. Wakeboarding in France is one of the most popular water-based activities that you can indulge in if you are on vacation in the area or if you are a local. The best place in France to wakeboard is at Lake Annecy.

Lessons in Wakeboarding


You can find tutors and classes in wakeboarding near Lake Annecy, France around the region. There are both private and group classes offered by the different schools. Every course is catered to the level of competence that the individual wishes to accomplish. The sessions for wakeboarding are usually conducted from April to November. The tutors are bilingual and speak both French and English. Each lesson is cheap and costs about $50 for 15-minute sessions.

Wakeboarding in Lake Annecy is merely gorgeous. The environment adds to the splendor of the sport and adventures leave more than just the adrenalin rush. Your fitness level plays a massive part in the obstacles you can accomplish when you start off wakeboarding. The tutors will be able to assess your ability based on your age, weight, height, and flexibility.

If you choose to learn in a group, about 5-8 people are put into groups where they are taught the fundamentals of the sport. One of the best schools for wakeboarding classes is Le Spot. The great atmosphere and fun learning that comes with the game will have you coming back for more. Most of the beginner sessions last about 2 hours out of which you will have 15 minutes to have your go on the wakeboard. After a course with the school, you will be able to at least glide through the water, even if you are not able to perform any tricks immediately.

The school will provide the gear that is required for wakeboarding, and you can come dressed with anything that you are comfortable getting in the water with. With enough experience and fitness progression, you will be able to perform some amazing tricks on the wakeboard and have a great time. Wake Surfing is another sport that is very similar to wakeboarding and is also an option or you to consider if you wish to take your adventure further.