The Hyeres World Cup Racing – The French Sailors Sail with Gold

The International Olympic Committee has officially recognized the Hyers World Cup series as a World Sailing governing body. The event attracts sailors from around the world for the world-class event to test their abilities and task the teams. In February 2018, the world cup series officially saw sailors from around the world come in to participate in the six-day event. The wind conditions on all the days were fantastic, and the French took the gold medals with them. While hope remains for a different nation to bag a coin, the French too easily make the top. Overall, the French teams won 7 medals at the series – four golds. Poland took home two golds and bronze while New Zealand took home five medals – one gold, two silvers, and two bronze medals.

How Each Country Faired

Every country believes that they gave their best toward the race. However, the winning teams had something special that they were able to harness and take home a few wins. While the Polish sailors and Kiwi sailors took home a few, when the odds were tallied up, the French took home the most as always. Here are some of the exceptional performances from the different countries.

France – The French did well in both the men and the women’s sector. France’s Camille Lecointre and Aloise Retronaz fared well when they battled against the British women in the 470. The British gave the French quite the competition at this year’s race. However, the British were far from being a threat to the French sailors.

China – Menhxi Wei and Haiyan Gao were able to take the final podium spot by putting one boat between themselves and the Japanese Ai Kondo Yoshida and Miho Yoshioka. The Chinese were able to get by and managed to get the Medal Race.

Germany – Frederike Loewe and Anna Markfort were able to weigh some pressure on the Japanese sailors. However, the Japanese women were able to squeeze through and land in the second place after the Chinese, while the Germans took the third bronze spot.

Sweden – Dahlberg, and Bergstrom bagged the gold in the 470 race. They worked hard throughout the entire series but were happy with the one run they were able to take by storm. While their performance was sub-par, they knew that they would be able to enjoy the last day of sailing with some of the top sailors and take first place with gold easily on the previous day.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – AUGUST 18: (L-R) Mathew Belcher of Australia and Will Ryan of Australia celebrate winning the silver medal in the Men’s 470 class at the Marina da Gloria on Day 13 of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games on August 18, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images)

Australia – The Australians did a remarkable turnaround in the 470 class. Mat Belcher and Will Ryan were able to take home the silver medal at the race. The rivalry between the New Zealand sailors and the Australians were healthy, while the Aussies were happy that they didn’t let the Kiwis take a medal higher than they did at the Medal race. Australia won the 6th place in the Medal Race.

The winners of Gold from the Hyeres World Cup racing series were automatically invited to the Marseille World Cup Final which was an 85KM sail from Hyeres. For the remaining places on the Marseille World Cup race, the participants were selected based on their performance. The racing world series are one of the most coveted prizes that a sailor can win. Winning and taking home a title is an honor, and while the French easily take the wins, the other countries might have to work hard toward prying the golds out of the French sails.