Training Course to Pursue a Career in Watersports – France Schools

Training Course to Pursue a Career in Watersports – France Schools

France is one of the top places to sail and be involved in any water-based activity. The prospects for a person who is passionate about sailing or any other water-based sport is also high. Several courses and training programs are available for travelers and locals to learn different types of water-based sports. High demand to find instructors who can service the growing market of sports enthusiasts, exists.

The Argeles-sur-Mer is one of the best places on the Mediterranean coast side of France that many people visit for its gorgeous oceans. There is also a massive demand for instructors who can provide adequate training to students who are interested in learning how to sail, kayak, windsurf, stand-up paddleboard, etc. If you have a passion for any of these sports and want to be able to make a living out of it, then the first thing you will need are certifications to make you qualified for the job.

Qualifications Needed to Become an Instructor

While your enthusiasm and passion for a sport are probably the best qualifications, there are a few required certifications and memberships that you will be required to have. A fast-tracked course is a great way to get all the experience you need in a matter of 6 weeks to start a career as an instructor. The instructors should also be over the age of 18 to be eligible to start a job as a tutor. The certifications and qualifications you will need are as follows:

  1. RYA Membership aka Royal Yachting Association Membership
  2. BC Membership
  3. Safety Boat qualifications
  4. First Aid Courses

There is a fee that you will be required to pay to get these memberships. However, they are only payable after you have completed your training.

What You Learn at The Training Course


The training courses that are offered will equip an instructor to become proficient in any sailing activity of their choice plus other water-sport activity. If you would like to focus on sports such as windsurfing, which required much skill, there are options to add the instruction to your training schedule as well. With the right experience and enough exposure, you should be able to draw about $50,000 annually from a career as a sailing instructor.

Before you choose a sailing school that you would like to become an instructor at, you can sign up for clinic courses. These clinic courses are like sample one or two-day courses that will give you an idea of what your education will provide you with. Some fascinating pieces of information are shared at the clinics which even expert instructors can use to enhance their skill set.

After the first course, you should be able to start a career with dinghy sailing. For larger vessels, you will need more experience and knowledge to be able to handle them efficiently. The advanced courses will cover the expertise you will need to instruct sailors of a larger vessel. The sessions will give you information about monitoring the radar and checking weather and navigation effectively. However, to be able to do an advanced class, you will be required to finish the basic course at first as a base requirement.