Tubing and Water Skiing on The French Alps

Tubing and Water Skiing on The French Alps

There is no place better than the French Alps for a tubing or water skiing session. Most people head to Cote D’Azur for these experiences, but they probably don’t know the joys of accomplishing the same in the French Alps. There is much to do on the Alps when you are on holiday, and the experience of surface sports is just an added benefit.

In the southern part of the Alps, the largest artificial lake in Europe boasts its waters. The gorgeous lake called Lac Du Serre Poncon has beautiful deep waters and covers a massive 2800 hectares of space and has the most impressive of backdrops for a water sporting activity that you can ever find.

The sun and skies add to the splendor of the southern alps along with the freshwater body. Signing up for a tubing or water skiing experience at the venue will test your skills and balance on the water. Your ability to maneuver through the surface on a ski or a wakeboard is a brilliant addition to a relaxing day in the sun and water.

Courses in Water Skiing and Tubing

If you are interested in water skiing, tubing or wakeboarding but you don’t have the skills to accomplish the same, you can sign up for some classing right at the Alps. Most of the courses that are conducted for beginners runs from June to September every year and is a great sport and activity for anyone over the age of 6 years. Children on your holiday are bound to be thrilled with the tubing experience and can even sign up for swimming classes if they wish. To be able to participate in any of the surface water sports, the only requirement is that the participant can swim and is over the age of 6 years or 8 years if they wish to wakeboard.

To be able to tube, there is no need to worry about skill. All that the participant has to do is hang on to the tube, and off they go on the surface of the water, gliding and enjoying the hilarious fun factor that accompanies the experience. For people who are interested in wakeboarding or water skiing, you will need to have some skill for which the courses are perfect. The classes are reasonably priced and will guarantee that you can at least glide through the surface of the water in the end. You don’t need too many sessions to become an accomplished water skier. All you need is a very basic class and a lot of practice and experience, and in no time, you will be carrying out tricks and surprising yourself and others. Other courses that you can learn when you are at the French Alps are:

  • Canoeing
  • Hydrospeeding
  • Kayaking on the lake
  • Stand up Paddling
  • Kitesurfing etc.

These activities are offered to those who are interested in taking away more than just tubing or water skiing experiences. You can also choose to camp and make it a custom-tailored learning experience, where you can learn several skills and adventures while you are learning how to tube and ski on the water.